Here are some of our supporters speaking at various events.

Pa. State Rep. Thomas Murt speaks in Favor of SB 1073, the 2016-17 Pa. Budget that spends 31.55 billion dollars, stabilizes taxes and makes historic investments in schools.

Rep. Thomas Murt (R) has been appointed to the Human Services Committees, he is the chairman of the Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Caucus, which he founded in the 2009-2010 session. Rep. Murt is a great supporter of the PA Waiting List Campaign and without his support we would not have been able to get the funding increase we received in 2012/13.

Rep. Gene DiGirolamo (R) is one of the strongest supporter of the autism and intellectual disabilities community within the Republican party. Thanks to Rep. DiGirolamo we organized the Human Service Hearing in March as well as our very successful rally in May of 2012. He helped organize meetings across the aisle as well as meetings with the Governors office.

Senator Daylin Leach (D) is not afraid to be a front man in the fight for funding for the autism and intellectual disabilities community.

Rep. Deberah Kula (D) is one of the representatives you always find in the forefront of the autism and intellectual disabilities fight for funding.

Senator John Blake (D) is a member of the Appropriations Committee and is very outspoken in his support for the PA Waiting List Campaign.

Denny O’Brien, current member of the Philadelphia City Council is best described with his remarks from the “Keep your Promise” rally in May of 2012: “I am thrilled to “be back home” with all of my friends in the ID and autism fields. While referencing the current administration in his brief remarks, he said: “You [the autism and intellectual disability community] gave me my voice, now don’t let them take away yours!”

Rep. Ronald G. Waters spoke at the “keep Your Promise Rally”. He is one of the legislators who understand the core responsibility of the Government. Rep. Ron Waters began his legislative career by special election in May of 1999. As state representative he represents over 60,000 residents of Philadelphia and Delaware counties. He serves on the Appropriations, Children and Youth, Health, Policy and Judiciary committees. He also serves as the Democratic Chairman of the Crime and Corrections Subcommittee within the Appropriations Committee. He is also a member of the Philadelphia and the Southeast Pennsylvania Delegations, and serves as a Deputy Whip for the Democratic Caucus.