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Don’t Stop Now

We are hearing that Pennsylvania is very close to having a state budget approved – so close that we can feel it! The PA Waiting List Campaign has met with the Governor and his staff and educated nearly 90 legislators about the waiting list and what their support would mean for the thousands of people waiting for help.  The legislators seem to agree with what we are speaking to them about.  We are asking you to contact your legislators and reaffirm what we have been telling them.  We can’t stop now!

Tell your legislator to fully fund the waiting list.  The current budget funds only 500 of the needed 700 students who are graduating this month (June 2016).  We don’t know why the number has dropped, but we need it restored.  Every graduate deserves the support they need to move into work and adulthood.
Tell your legislator to fund the new High School Initiative to cover the 2017 graduating class.  With just $500,000.00 total added to this budget, the state would provide for the 2017 graduates to seamlessly move into supports immediately and avoid the 6 – 8 month gap that is created when we wait until after graduation to put the funding into the budget. Legislators like this idea because it just makes sense.
House Appropriation Chair, William Adolph is leaving this year.  He is a supporter of the PA Waiting List.  Tell Representative Adolph to leave a legacy – fully fund the waiting list for intellectual disabilities.
We find it interesting that nearly $80 million was found to fund Education and we need to struggle with $11 million.  Why doesn’t the state just do the right thing?  Fully fund the waiting list and then address the small number on an annual basis.
Governor Wolf has told us that he plans to address the waiting list by the year 2020.  Not at this rate.  Please don’t stop now!  Make those calls!
Chairman William F. Adolph Jr., – Capitol (717) 787-1248 ,  District (610) 544-9878

For more information on the PA Waiting List Campaign please contact:

Sheila Stasko, Director – PA Waiting List Campaign
4540 Best Station Rd. – Slatington, PA 18080 – 267-765-0301