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Your Legislative ‘How To” Information

It’s the time of year when budgets are being decided and agencies are asking you to contact your Pennsylvania State Legislator. There are several basic things you should know. Legislators do care about their own constituents – first. So your voice really does count. So it’s important you find out who your Representative and Senator are.

There are two distinct bodies of lawmakers. You each have a House of Representative and also a Senate member for your district. How do you find your district and who your House Rep and Senator are? Go to our State Contacts page to look up the information.

There are many ways to contact your legislators. Visit in person or by phone or email. Visiting is very smart and so is having your legislator visit your home and meet your son or daughter. You can’t beat a face to face meeting to establish vital relationships that will be necessary in the future. Many legislators have home pages, so you can visit their home page and leave a message on their email. You can call and leave a message or set a meeting.

Keep it focused. No matter which way you choose to communicate make sure it has a point and doesn’t waste time. If you write, please make it your own! Legislative aides tell us copied post cards and messages are not read or even counted. Toss them and write your own.

If you are visiting in person, prepare what you wish to discuss and stick to the issue. You will have at the most, 30 minutes to visit. Take you family and children with you. The most effective method of visiting is to simply tell them your story and what change would mean to you. You confuse your issue by bringing many problems with you to discuss. Keep the visit straight forward. If you need answers or action always request a date. Don’t forget a thank you.